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X‑Chem appoints Chief Technology Officer to enhance its digital drug discovery strategy

X-Chem, a leading provider of early-stage drug discovery solutions, has recently appointed Dr. Erin Davis as their new chief technology officer. With a wealth of experience in data strategy, informatics, computational chemistry, and software solutions within the realm of drug discovery, Dr. Davis’ addition to X-Chem’s executive team signifies the company’s focus on utilizing data generation platforms and digital solutions to enhance their service offerings to clients.

CEO Karen Lackey expressed excitement about Dr. Davis joining the team, emphasizing her creativity and track record of innovation. Together, the team at X-Chem aims to redefine the landscape of small molecule drug discovery by leveraging DNA-encoded chemical library (DEL) technology and their proprietary artificial intelligence platform, ArtemisAI. By combining computational platforms with robust data strategies, Dr. Davis will be instrumental in leading X-Chem towards continued growth as a premier provider of innovative services in small molecule drug discovery.

X-Chem specializes in small molecule discovery, offering pharmaceutical and biotech companies a comprehensive solution for screening, hit validation, and lead optimization. With expertise in medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis, and scale-up process chemistry, X-Chem supports all stages of small-molecule drug discovery from initial screening to candidate identification. By harnessing the power of advanced machine learning strategies and real-world data generation through DEL technology, X-Chem is well positioned to revolutionize drug discovery and identify novel small molecule leads for challenging therapeutic targets.

By Samantha Jones

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