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WM Technology Inc (MAPS) shows 1.74% increase in prem arket trading on Monday

WM Technology Inc (MAPS) experienced a 1.74% increase in its stock price in pre-market trading on Monday morning, reaching a high of 1.17. The short-term technical score for MAPS is 52, indicating that the company has been trading more bullishly compared to 52% of other stocks on the market over the last month.

Over the past month, WM Technology Inc has had a strong run, with its stock price increasing by an average of 21.05%. The company closed at $0.92 on February 26 and its stock price fluctuated between $0.84 and $1.20 during this time period. Analysts have given MAPS an average recommendation of Buy, with an average price target of $1.30. The company’s Overall Score is 33, indicating its performance among other stocks in the Software – Application industry, where MAPS operates.

In the Software – Application industry, WM Technology Inc is ranked higher than 64% of stocks, which is placed 80 out of 146 sectors. To get additional insights and data on WM Technology Inc (MAPS) and its rankings, visit the corresponding platform for more information on this exciting company’s growth potential and future prospects.

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