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Winnoland Amusement Park in Essonne is Hiring Around 100 Seasonal Workers for Its Reopening

Winnoland, an amusement park located in Saint-Pierre-du-Perray, in Essonne, is currently preparing for its winter season. The park is set to reopen on March 30 and is in the process of hiring between 80 and 100 seasonal workers to accommodate the families that will be visiting the park during its 17th season.

The recruitment campaign has started, and candidates can send their CV and cover letter by email, directly on the park’s website or by attending a job forum that will be held on February 17 at the park. The park is looking for a variety of positions, including ride operators, catering employees, cashiers, cleaning agents and entertainment agents.

Winnoland offers flexible 35-hour contracts paid at the minimum wage. The park welcomes applicants from various backgrounds; students and part-time seekers are particularly encouraged to apply. With over 210,000 visitors in 2023, Winnoland remains the leading leisure site in Essonne despite some weather-related challenges.

In preparation for its upcoming season, Winnoland has introduced new features that include a new ride for children and new catering offerings. The park’s success has been growing steadily over the years, making it an exciting place to work as a seasonal employee.

Interested candidates can apply via email or directly on the website before attending the job forum on February 17 from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., which will take place at the park itself.

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