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World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Monthly Operational Update – Issue 21 | March 2024

In this monthly update on health emergencies, the World Health Organization (WHO) highlights its efforts in preparedness and emergency response to global health crises. The publication includes key figures on WHO’s work in emergencies, special features such as WHO’s GPW 14 protect pillar, responses to health emergencies, preparedness and readiness, operations support and logistics, learning and capacity development for health emergencies, as well as key links and useful resources.

The WHO’s strategic, evidence-based, and science-driven approach is aimed at supporting countries in delivering rapid responses to health crises while also building resilience to future threats. By working in partnership with countries worldwide, the organization is committed to combating global health crises. Stay informed about WHO’s ongoing efforts and support in the field of emergency health response by reading this monthly update.

By Samantha Jones

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