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Crossroads District Businesses Remain Optimistic as Voters Consider Sales Tax Proposal

Jill Cockson, the owner of Chartreuse Saloon, anxiously waits for the results of the stadium sales tax vote in the Crossroads District. She is aware that the outcome will determine the future of her business and the neighborhood as a whole. Like other business owners in the area, she recognizes the value of preserving the culture and arts scene that is central to the community’s identity.

Meanwhile, Matt Adkins, a 12-year fan of the Kansas City Royals and owner of The Pairing in the Crossroads District, is stacking his inventory while hoping for a swift resolution to the situation. He shares concerns with other business owners in the area who are feeling terrified and mentally strained by recent developments. Despite these challenges, they all remain passionate about their neighborhood and its unique character.

By Samantha Jones

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