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Erdogan Reaches out to Ghent Student Attacked by Kurdish Demonstrators in Brussels: “We Are Keeping an Eye on Your Situation”

In the aftermath of a violent attack on a 17-year-old Turkish student in Brussels, Belgian authorities condemned the perpetrators and called for an end to violence against individuals of Turkish descent. The student was visiting the European Parliament with his school when he and another Turkish boy were targeted by pro-Kurdish demonstrators during a lunch break in the city center.

President Erdogan personally reached out to the victim and expressed concern for his well-being, wishing him a speedy recovery. He strongly condemned the attack, calling it “immoral and despicable” and vowed to work towards peace and tolerance among diverse communities in Belgium. The victim’s father shared that his son is still in shock from the incident and has sustained injuries to his eyes and ears. However, he appreciated President Erdogan’s phone call and expressed hope for his son’s swift recovery.

The incident heightened tensions between the Turkish and Kurdish communities in Belgium, following recent clashes between PKK supporters and individuals of Turkish descent. As a result, violence erupted in Heusden-Zolder and Brussels as tensions escalated between the two groups. The brawl required police intervention to restore order, underscoring the urgent need for peace and tolerance among diverse communities in Belgium.

In response to this incident, Belgian authorities have condemned any form of violence against individuals based on their ethnicity or religion. They have called on all members of society to respect each other’s differences and work towards building a more inclusive society.

Meanwhile, President Erdogan has reiterated Turkey’s commitment to promoting peace and tolerance among all communities. He has urged all parties involved in this conflict to come together and find peaceful solutions that respect everyone’s rights.

As we look forward to a brighter future for all communities affected by this conflict, it is essential that we continue our efforts towards building a more inclusive society where everyone can live without fear or prejudice.

By Samantha Jones

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