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Obesity leading to early onset of diabetes

A young man from Hanoi was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a condition that is considered rare in people under the age of 25. Despite struggling with obesity since childhood, he had been unable to lose weight through various diets and exercise regimens. After experiencing symptoms such as tiredness, increased thirst, and frequent urination, he sought medical help at the Central Endocrine Hospital and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Nguyen Manh Tuan from the Department of Adult Endocrinology noted that this case was unusual at the hospital, as type 2 diabetes typically occurs in middle-aged individuals. However, at the age of 22, obesity is the primary risk factor for this condition. In addition to a diet high in carbohydrates and fat, lack of exercise also plays a significant role in developing type 2 diabetes. Dr. Tuan emphasized the importance of controlling blood sugar levels with insulin and setting weight control goals for the patient.

While medical treatment is crucial in managing type 2 diabetes, diet and exercise play an essential role in overall treatment success. Dr. Tuan highlighted the impact of a healthy diet plan and regular physical activity on managing this chronic metabolic disorder effectively. With more young people being affected by diabetes due to factors such as obesity and poor diet choices, it’s vital to raise awareness about its risks and prevention methods among healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that affects millions worldwide, including approximately 7 million individuals in Vietnam alone. Pre-diabetes is also prevalent in Vietnam, with over half of cases going undiagnosed due to lack of awareness or access to medical care. To prevent obesity and diabetes-related complications, healthcare professionals recommend maintaining a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, engaging in regular physical activity such as walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes per day

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