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Hamas Raises Alarm over Potential Israeli Military Offensive in Rafah, Predicts Devastating Casualties

The conflict in Gaza, which began when Islamist militants killed more than 1,160 people and kidnapped about 250 civilians in southern Israel, has escalated to a dangerous level. Israel vowed to “annihilate” Hamas and launched a relentless campaign of bombing and ground operations against the territory, resulting in the death of mainly women, children, and adolescents.

The Islamic extremist movement Hamas warned about the severe consequences of an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah, the last refuge for Palestinians displaced by the war. Witnesses reported bombings in the surrounding areas of Rafah as the city is home to 1.3 million Palestinians, more than half of the total population of Gaza, and mostly refugees who fled Israeli attacks elsewhere in the Strip.

The Hamas Health Ministry reported intense fighting at Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis and Al Amal hospital in Rafah after Israeli forces raided them. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the military to draw up a plan for evacuating civilians from Rafah following reports of heavy fighting. However, this move was met with criticism from countries such as the United States, European Union, and UN that warned of a potential humanitarian catastrophe if civilians are forced to evacuate without a safe place to go.

On diplomatic fronts, a new cycle of negotiations began in Cairo aimed at obtaining greater access to humanitarian aid for Gaza and exchanging hostages held by Hamas with Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. The conflict also exacerbated tensions between other countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen where Iranian-backed groups have launched attacks supporting Hamas. This led to retaliation from Israel and its allies prompting further escalation of violence.

In conclusion, while efforts are being made towards peace negotiations on diplomatic fronts there is still much work to be done on the ground where innocent lives continue to be lost due to ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

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