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I Understand Why Forest City Condos Are Often Vacant After a Night’s Stay

Nestled in southern Malaysia, the luxury development known as Forest City is a $100 billion project by China’s largest developer, Country Garden. Covering four square miles, the estate boasts majestic apartment buildings and a pristine white-sand beach that overlooks the Johor Strait and offers breathtaking views of industrial plants in Singapore.

During my first visit to Forest City in May 2022, I was struck by its eerie silence and desolate appearance. The windows of hundreds of apartments were dark, and there were few people on the roads or at the beach despite plans for 700,000 residents within six years. Only 9,000 people currently call Forest City home.

My curiosity piqued during my return visit to Forest City in March 2023, eight years into its construction. I decided to book a homestay at a condominium unit for $52 through a property manager. The owner of the unit, based in China, declined to comment on the story due to privacy concerns. Despite multiple requests for information from Business Insider, Country Garden did not respond regarding the status of Forest City or its future development plans.

Despite its grandeur and high-end amenities, Forest City remains largely unpopulated, raising questions about its appeal to potential residents and long-term sustainability as an estate with such high construction costs.

By Samantha Jones

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