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The Potential of Adding This Computer and Technology Stock to Your Portfolio

For first-time investors, building a portfolio can seem like an daunting task. However, one strategy that can lead to strong returns is by looking at stocks projected to outperform the market in the next year. One such stock to consider is Nvidia (NVDA), a company that has made a name for itself in visual computing technologies and GPUs.

Nvidia has shifted its focus from PC graphics to offering AI-based solutions for HPC, gaming, and VR platforms. Since being added to the Zacks Focus List in May 2019 at $39.13 per share, NVDA has experienced a significant increase in its stock price, with shares now trading at $942.89.

Analysts have revised their earnings estimates upwards for Nvidia, with the Zacks Consensus Estimate also increasing. The company boasts an average earnings surprise of 20.2% and is expected to see earnings growth of 83.6% for the current fiscal year. Stock prices often respond positively to earnings estimate revisions, making stocks like NVDA potentially profitable investments.

Investing in a Focus List stock like Nvidia could provide investors with future earnings estimate revisions that could drive price momentum. If you’re interested in discovering more investment opportunities, be sure to check out Zacks Investment Research’s latest recommendations for the next 30 days by downloading their 7 Best Stocks report today!

By Samantha Jones

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