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Packers Invite UFL Kicker Jake Bates for Visit

In recent news, the Green Bay Packers are reportedly among the teams interested in hosting UFL kicker Jake Bates for a visit, according to Aaron Wilson. Bates, who previously spent time with the Houston Texans during the 2023 offseason, had a successful regular season with the Michigan Panthers in which he made 17 of 22 field goals. His impressive stats included connecting on 11 of 12 kicks between 20 and 49 yards, as well as making 6 out of 10 attempts from at least 50 yards, with a long kick of 64 yards.

If Bates were to visit the Packers, it could potentially lead to the release of one of the three kickers currently vying for the position – Anders Carlson, Greg Joseph, and Jack Podlesny. The Detroit Lions, Washington Commanders, and Baltimore Ravens have also expressed interest in hosting Bates for a visit. Bates specialized as a kickoff specialist during his collegiate career at Texas State and Arkansas and has a background in soccer.

Following his standout performances, Bates was named an All-UFL kicker for 2024. In the postseason, he made four out of six kicks and finished with a total of 21 successful kicks out of 28 attempts. His potential visit to the Packers could add an interesting dynamic to the team’s kicker competition and potentially provide a new opportunity for Bates in the NFL.

Bates’ impressive stats include connecting on eleven out of twelve kicks between twenty and forty-nine yards and making six out of ten attempts from at least fifty yards. Additionally, his longest field goal was sixty-four yards against St. Louis during that season.

The Packers currently have a competition at kicker with Anders Carlson, Greg Joseph

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