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Twins struggle to find success in exhibition game, suffer shutout defeat

The Minnesota Twins have had a frustrating experience at CoolToday Park, home of the Atlanta Braves during spring training. Despite their best efforts, the team has been unable to score any runs in this ballpark, with a scoreless streak of 30 innings. This was the third time this spring that the Twins were shut out by the Braves, resulting in a 4-0 loss. With a record of 0-11-1 and 11 consecutive losses, it seems like things are not going well for the Twins.

Despite their struggles in spring training, the Twins are hopeful that things will turn around once the regular season begins. Bailey Ober had a solid outing, allowing only four hits and striking out six batters in 4⅓ innings. However, Marcell Ozuna’s three-run homer in the first inning and Austin Riley’s solo shot in the third inning were enough to secure the Braves’ victory.

After their final game in Hammond Stadium against the Braves, the Twins will head to Kansas City to prepare for their season opener on Thursday. Despite their poor performance in the exhibition season, the Twins are optimistic that they will be able to turn things around once the regular season begins.

By Samantha Jones

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