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Ipsos, a leading global marketing and research firm, recently conducted a comprehensive study on economic expectations among 29 countries. The research was carried out in October 2023 through the Online Panel system.

According to the findings, participants reported a significant decrease in household income and purchasing power. As prices rose, more respondents reported that their household income had decreased. This trend was observed across all countries surveyed, with Turkey ranking last in consumer confidence.

The consumer confidence index in Turkey increased by just 2.5% compared to September, reaching an average of 34.5%, while the global average was 47.2%. In terms of inflation, Turkey ranked fifth among the countries surveyed.

When asked about their biggest concerns, participants identified the economy as the most pressing issue in Turkey. Expectations for inflation were also examined, with 73% of respondents predicting an increase and only 11% expecting a decrease.

Other questions included in the survey covered household income and purchasing power. Over half (52%) of participants reported that their household income had decreased over the past year, while just 34% said it had not changed much. When asked about their purchasing power over the past month, three-quarters (76%) said it had decreased significantly.

Overall, these research findings shed light on the economic expectations and sentiments of participants in Turkey during this challenging period for many countries around the world.

In conclusion, Ipsos’s study found that economic expectations and sentiments varied greatly across different countries surveyed in October 2023. While some countries reported improvements in consumer confidence and purchasing power due to strong economies or favorable policies, others struggled with declining household income or high levels of inflation.

One key takeaway from this research is that global economic challenges continue to impact households around the world, even as some countries recover faster than others from the pandemic’s effects.

As policymakers seek to address these challenges and improve economic conditions for citizens everywhere, it is crucial to understand how people perceive economic trends and developments in their own communities – as well as what they see as their biggest priorities when it comes to addressing those issues head-on.

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