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Former Prosecutor: New York Judge Demonstrates Sternness by Imposing Gag Order on Trump.

Judge Juan Merchan has put a gag order on former President Donald Trump before his Manhattan criminal hush-money trial next month. This is not the first time Trump has faced a gag order from a judge, as he previously had one imposed during his New York civil fraud trial after attacking the judge’s principal clerk. The latest gag order was issued on the same day that Trump criticized the judge and his daughter on Truth Social, despite the Manhattan District Attorney’s motion being filed weeks earlier.

Legal experts believe that Judge Merchan is prepared to enforce the gag order if Trump violates it, especially once a jury is in place for the trial. The D.A.’s motion was aimed at preventing Trump from publicly discussing jurors and witnesses involved in the investigation, as well as making public statements about the D.A.’s staff except for Bragg himself, court staff members, and family members of any counsel or staff member if those statements are intended to interfere with the case. The judge noted that Trump had made threatening and inflammatory statements in the past, which could disrupt the administration of justice in the court.

Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman commented on Twitter that Judge Merchan is very focused on the upcoming trial of voter deception and has imposed a significant gag order on Trump. Litman praised the judge for being ready to enforce the order if Trump disregards it, especially once a jury is selected.

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