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World Championship Trail Runner Tests Positive for Banned Substances

The world of trail running has been rocked by the doping scandal involving Norway’s reigning world champion, Stian Angermund. In 2023, Angermund won the 55km OCC event at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc for a second time. However, this victory was short-lived as he later tested positive for chlorthalidone, a banned substance used to reduce body weight or as a masking agent. Despite these test results, Angermund insists that he is innocent and is determined to prove his innocence.

Angermund’s successful career in trail running has spanned over a decade, earning him multiple world titles and championships. However, his recent win in the Golden Trail Series was overshadowed by the doping allegations. As he continues to fight for his innocence, Angermund has expressed deep sadness and sorrow at the potential loss of his career and reputation.

The implications of this positive test have had a profound impact on Angermund’s mental and emotional well-being. He has emphasized the importance of caution and kindness from those who choose to believe in him or not. Chlorthalidone is a diuretic that can be used to reduce body weight or as a masking agent, which makes it difficult for athletes to prove their innocence if they test positive for this substance.

Angermund’s future in trail running remains uncertain as he faces suspension and a pending investigation. While many have questioned whether he could be considered innocent given the evidence against him, others are choosing to give him the benefit of the doubt until all facts are clear.

Regardless of what happens next for Angermund, one thing is certain: his legacy will always be remembered as one of success and determination in the face of adversity.

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