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Albanian police chase leads to death of seven migrants in traffic accident

In a tragic accident in Albania, eight individuals, including seven migrants, lost their lives while attempting to evade security forces. The incident occurred near Permet when the driver, an Albanian, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the Vjosa river. Initial reports suggest that the Albanian police were attempting to stop the vehicle for inspection when the driver fled the scene, resulting in a fatal accident.

The migrants believed to be from the Middle East had crossed the border from Greece into Albania and were possibly trying to reach other European countries through Montenegro. Albania lies along the Balkan route, which was heavily used by migrants during the 2015 and 2016 refugee crisis. Nearly a hundred thousand people used this route between January and October 2023, according to Frontex. This route was popular among those fleeing poverty and conflict in Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

The tragedy highlights the risks and dangers faced by migrants seeking better opportunities in Europe. The exploitation of vulnerable individuals by smugglers and challenges of navigating complex migration routes underscore the urgent need for comprehensive and humane solutions to address global refugee crisis. Promoting safe and legal migration pathways, enhancing border security, providing support to those in need are essential steps towards ensuring safety and well-being of all individuals on move.

By Samantha Jones

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