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American tourist (80) killed in elephant attack while on safari

On a recent trip to Zambia, an 80-year-old American woman was attacked by an elephant during a car safari. The woman, along with five other tourists, was being guided through the Kafue National Park when the elephant, which had become separated from its herd, began chasing them.

The incident occurred last weekend and was captured on video by one of the tourists in the car. The driver had to stop the vehicle after encountering a road blockade caused by vegetation. Despite this setback, the elephant continued to chase the vehicle for hundreds of meters until it finally came to a halt.

Unfortunately, during this terrifying pursuit, the elephant used its tusks to tip over the vehicle and killed the 80-year-old woman instantly. Another tourist sustained serious injuries and was evacuated to a hospital in South Africa. The remaining tourists suffered minor injuries and are currently receiving trauma counseling.

The CEO of the company that organized the safari has expressed condolences to the family of the deceased woman and offered support to those injured in the incident. The shocking images of this attack have been circulating on social media, reminding us all of how dangerous wildlife encounters can be.

This incident highlights how important it is for travelers to be aware of their surroundings and take necessary precautions when visiting national parks or other wildlife reserves.

By Samantha Jones

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