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Breaking down the details of the L’Jarius Sneed deal

In 2027, Sneed’s base salary is $15.55 million with a per-game active roster bonus of $850,000. Although the total average payout of $19.1 million is lower than the franchise-tag salary for 2024, Sneed received $25 million this year and $19 million in 2025. The contract includes $44 million in full guarantees at signing, surpassing the two-year franchise-tag payout by just over $1 million. The deal is front-loaded, with higher earnings in the first two years and lower amounts in the final two seasons.

Sneed was believed he deserved to be the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL but his new contract details show that he did not receive that title. Despite this, he ultimately chose to commit to the Titans for two more years under this new deal, receiving a four-year contract worth an average of $19.1 million. The contract includes a signing bonus of $20 million and various base salaries and roster bonuses for the upcoming years. For 2024, his base salary is fully guaranteed at $4.32 million with an additional per-game active roster bonus of $680,000 that must be earned. In 2025, his base salary increases to $18.32 million with a per-game active roster bonus of

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