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Over 20 schools in France on high alert as threats of attacks prompt mass student evacuations amid heightened tension

Paris schools received terrorist attack threats between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, affecting neighborhoods in the XII, XV, XIX, and XVI districts. The rectorate of the French capital reported that at least 20 schools were targeted by the threats.

One of the affected schools was Pierre Alviset in the V neighborhood of Paris, which had to evacuate all students before 9 am due to bomb threats. Another incident occurred at Jean de la Fontaine high school in the 16th neighborhood, where 1700 students were sent home after a bomb alert forced the evacuation of the school building.

The messages received by schools via the ETN system referenced bomb threats accompanied by alarming content, leading to the closure of accounts that received the messages to prevent further exposure to students. In addition to Paris, dozens of high schools in southern France also received similar threats, causing fear and concern among educators and parents.

The recent resignation of Lycée Maurice-Ravel director after receiving death threats due to tensions surrounding secularism and Muslim students using veils in school highlights the challenges faced by education leaders in maintaining security while upholding secular values.

These incidents have sparked debates and criticism from politicians and members of the public questioning government ability to protect schools and ensure student safety. The ongoing history of attacks on educators in France such as beheading Professor Samuel Paty and murdering teacher Dominique Bernard emphasizes this threat continues within education institutions.

As authorities investigate these security concerns, educators are left grappling with how terrorism impacts their classrooms environments while prioritizing student safety.

By Samantha Jones

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