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The Implications of Right to Work Legislation for Businesses in Michigan

The repeal of Michigan’s Right to Work law will have significant impacts on the state’s business environment. While this change may not immediately affect current Michigan-based businesses, it will make the state less attractive to global companies looking to expand or relocate. In order to attract economic development opportunities without Right to Work, Michigan will need to consider more costly methods, such as offering upfront cash, deeper utility company discounts, and longer tax abatements.

In addition to the loss of a key factor in attracting businesses, the inconsistency in policy from one administration to the next is another issue that will negatively impact Michigan’s business environment. The repeal of Right to Work breaks down businesses’ expectations of consistency and may deter companies from choosing to locate or expand in Michigan. The lack of continuity in business policies continues to present a challenge for the state and may influence businesses’ decisions to stay in or come to Michigan.

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