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The healing power of chicken soup

A study conducted in China in 2022 examined the impact of chicken broth from different breeds of chickens on the immune response of mice with immune system damage. The results showed that chicken soup slowed down the movement of inflammatory cells, improved the activity of the thymus gland, and improved the structure of the spleen, all important factors in boosting the immune system.

The study included a range of parameters such as cytokine levels, which are known to cause unpleasant symptoms in viral diseases. While it is not yet clear how chicken soup has this effect, it appears to have some positive impact.

When it comes to preparing healthy chicken soup, it is recommended to remove any excess fat from the chicken before boiling. This can be achieved by boiling the chicken, pouring out the water, removing visible fat, and washing the chicken clean of oil with clean water before cooking. Vegetables should be added at the end of cooking and covered immediately after boiling for optimal flavor and nutritional benefits. Parsley can be added at the end for extra flavor and health benefits while spices can be used for taste.

It is worth noting that there is limited research on this topic but some studies suggest that chicken soup may have a positive impact on immunity.

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