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CBS Sports Highlights Seahawks’ Super Bowl XLVIII Team for 10-Year Anniversary: ‘Beyond Just Athletes’

In 2014, the trio of Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor gained notoriety as the Legion of Boom, Seattle’s top-ranked defense. Michael Bennett was also a key player in their success, contributing to their status as the league’s best secondary. However, their fame wasn’t just limited to their athletic achievements.

The deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice at the hands of police sparked a global conversation about police brutality and its impact on Black communities. It was during this time that Bennett emerged as a powerful voice for change. He believed it was important for athletes to use their platform to bring attention to social issues and advocate for justice.

Bennett emphasized the importance of speaking out about injustice and using his voice as a Black man to amplify those who were voiceless. The group had a team meeting where they discussed how they could use their platform for good and have an emotional conversation that highlighted the magnitude of their impact.

Social media and news outlets played a big role in spreading awareness about police brutality globally. The Legion of Boom became even more famous not just for their athletic achievements but also for their activism.

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