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Unseen Protection: How Public Health Shielded You Without Your Knowledge | The Transmission

A four-part documentary series titled “The Invisible Shield” highlights the importance of public health in modern life. Despite its critical role in our well-being, public health is often underfunded, undervalued, and misunderstood, putting our health at risk. The series showcases the work of unsung heroes such as physicians, nurses, scientists, activists, and government officials who collaborate to protect public health and improve health outcomes.

Episode one titled “The Old Playbook” explores how public health has doubled life expectancy but faces threats that jeopardize its effectiveness. Episode two titled “Follow The Data” delves into the crucial role of data in public health efforts throughout history. Episode three titled “Inoculation & Inequity” addresses issues such as disinformation, skepticism of science, and distrust of government that impact public health initiatives. Finally, episode four titled “The New Playbook” questions how we can rethink public health systems to prevent declining life expectancy.

To enhance the viewing experience and promote deeper understanding of public health issues, a discussion guide is provided to facilitate conversations in classrooms, community settings, homeschooling or individual exploration. The guide features powerful quotes from the episodes, contextual information from experts in the field and thought-provoking questions designed to inspire critical thinking and discussions about broader insights into the world of public health.

By Samantha Jones

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