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Changes in Local Gastronomic Culture: Enjoy a Delicious Meal!

My first visit to America in the mid-1990s was a year-long experience that left me overwhelmed. It was a completely different world, with huge houses, wide streets, and spacious host families. The topic of food was also a big part of my experience, with a lot of staging happening in diners and posh steak restaurants. Even yogurt couldn’t just be yogurt – everything was low cal, low carb, or fat-free. I gained 25 extra kilos from all the food experiences.

Eating out, picking up, and having food delivered became the daily norm in America at that time. Food was ordered in excessive amounts, taken away in special packaging, and the staff at local eateries scored points with personality and ideas. This new approach to food service was something I hadn’t experienced before.

Nowadays, there is a new priority on food and dining. Eating out, picking up, and having food delivered is becoming a daily norm for many people. Restaurants that want to resonate with this new trend have to offer more than just the standard menu and deliver what the digitally-savvy community wants: a social environment and an experience. This shift in the food industry is becoming increasingly important as people are becoming more conscious of their health and wellness goals.

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Overall, it seems like America has come a long way since my first visit over 20 years ago when it comes to its relationship with food and technology. The rise of e-commerce platforms has made it easier for consumers to access their favorite foods no matter where they are located or what time it is – but at what cost? And while some people may see this convenience as a positive change in our lifestyles, others may argue that we’ve lost something precious by sacrificing human interaction for technological advancements.

In any case, one thing is clear – as long as there are people who enjoy trying new things and exploring different cultures (and cuisines), there will always be places for them to go and things for them to discover on their travels

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