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100-year-old showcases skills with an exhibition dive at the 2024 Doha World Championships in preparation for the World Aquatics Masters Championships

At the age of 100, Taghi Askari prepares for his final dive at the World Aquatics Masters Championships in Doha, Qatar.

Askari has had a lifelong love of diving, ignited by a chance encounter with the sport at a swimming pool near his childhood home in Iran. Over the years, he won medals at national and international competitions, including two medals at the Asian Games in 1951. Despite his age, Askari remains passionate about diving and is excited to be among the competitors at the upcoming championships.

At the platform edge with water rippling below, Askari takes deep breaths before launching himself into a graceful dive. He has been competing for over six decades and has seen the sport evolve significantly during that time. The Chinese swimmers have become formidable opponents and have helped push Askari to new heights.

Despite facing tough competition from younger divers, Askari remains determined to showcase his skills and passion for diving on the world stage once again. He is looking forward to competing alongside other masters divers who share his love for the sport and who have also dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft.

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