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Boston Sports History Declares Classic Patriots Uniform as Best-suited

Boston’s best sports uniform of all time has been determined, and the classic choice has emerged victorious. The voters have spoken, and the 1985 Patriots’ old school New England professional football look, with red jerseys and iconic “Pat Patriot” helmets, has been named the winner.

The final stats showed that the ’85 uniforms won with a 57-43 margin of victory over the “Bobby Orr Bruins Era” uniforms. This was the closest matchup for the 1985 Patriots in the bracket, as they had previously overcome the No. 1 overall seed in the competition, the 2004 Red Sox. The 1985 Patriots also had a tough road to victory, being given a lower seed and facing challenging opponents throughout.

Looking at other results in the bracket, it is clear that there were some close calls. The battle between the 2011 Bruins and Bobby Orr Era Bruins was particularly intense, with only a small margin of separation separating them out of a total of 3,566 votes. Despite this competition, however, it seems that Bostonians prefer to stick to classics when it comes to their sports teams’ uniforms.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Tony Collins and his fellow teammates from back in 1985 are still remembered fondly by fans today for their unique style on and off the field. While they may not have won any championships during their time playing for New England, they have left an indelible mark on Boston sports history with their iconic uniform design.

By Samantha Jones

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