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The state of Texas has the highest prevalence of alcoholism in the United States. has released a new study that sheds light on the states with the highest risk of alcoholism in the United States. According to the study, Texas has been identified as the state with the highest vulnerability to this disease, with several factors contributing to this risk.

One of the main contributors is a lack of health insurance among Texans. Additionally, a significant number of residents in the state do not have formal schooling, which can lead to various public health challenges. These issues are not unique to Texas, as California and Florida also ranked second and third in the study, respectively. Both states have similar problems such as a high number of citizens without formal schooling and unemployed residents.

Interestingly, economic prosperity does not necessarily lower a state’s risk of alcoholism. In fact, states with the highest GDP, including Texas, California, and New York, were found to have among the highest risk of alcoholism. This highlights the complexity of alcoholism risks in the U.S., which involves addressing underlying societal factors rather than just focusing on economic prosperity.

Serene Gato from emphasized that this study underscores how critical it is for policymakers and healthcare professionals to address these underlying factors when working to prevent and treat alcoholism. The full ranking revealed Texas, California, and Florida as the top three states with the highest risk of alcoholism, followed by Nevada, New York, Louisiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania

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