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Tesla shares plummet due to disappointing deliveries and production efforts

Tesla shares suffered a 6% drop on Wall Street after the company announced that it had delivered fewer vehicles in the first quarter than anticipated. The electric car manufacturer reported deliveries of 386,810 vehicles, falling short of the 457,000 that analysts had projected. Production also decreased by 8.5% to 433,371 cars during the quarter.

The first quarter was particularly challenging for Tesla, which had previously implemented price cuts in the United States to address inflation and rising interest rates. Despite efforts to make its vehicles more affordable, Tesla announced an increase in Model Y prices by $1,000 effective April 1st. Wedbush analysts described the first quarter as “disastrous” and noted that it had “negatively shocked” the market.

Tesla’s inability to meet delivery targets and production goals has raised concerns among investors and analysts. The challenges faced by Tesla have impacted its performance and market appeal. Moving forward, Tesla will need to address these issues and regain the confidence of investors to ensure sustained growth in the future.

By Samantha Jones

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