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Collaborative Effort by Tulsa Health Agencies Aims to Enhance Health Equity in Oklahoma

The Tulsa Health Department and Be Well Community Development Corporation have joined forces to tackle health disparities in Oklahoma. Reggie Ivey, representing both organizations, stated that their goal is to identify the barriers that prevent health equity among minority groups. These disparities can manifest in how minorities are treated in schools and communities, ultimately affecting their life expectancy.

One of the initiatives they have taken is organizing the “Blood at The Roots: Issues of Health Equity Conference” on April 11 and 12 at OSU Tulsa. The conference aims to educate the public on how they can contribute to addressing health inequities. Ivey emphasized the importance of taking action at different levels, such as in neighborhoods, workplaces, and through political engagement like registering and encouraging others to vote or contacting political officials.

Before the conference, a free program on collective trauma and leadership will take place on April 10 at Langston University in Tulsa. Interested attendees must register for the event. For more information and registration details, visit the provided link.

In summary, two Tulsa health agencies are working together to address health disparities in Oklahoma by identifying barriers that affect minority groups’ life expectancy. They are hosting a conference to educate the public on how they can contribute to addressing these issues through various actions at different levels.

By Samantha Jones

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