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Reid has confidence in 49ers QB Purdy’s ability to stay in control

At the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, Super Bowl-winning coach Andy Reid was impressed by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy. Despite having the best quarterback in the game in Patrick Mahomes, Reid was impressed by Purdy’s performance in Super Bowl LVIII. While Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a victory, Purdy showcased his skills and potential as a quarterback.

Purdy earned the starting job with the 49ers due to his strong performances. San Francisco traded Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys after Purdy showed promise as a starter in his rookie season. In his first full season as the starter, Purdy had an impressive showing, finishing fourth in the league MVP voting and setting a franchise record with 4,280 yards passing.

Reid praised Purdy’s abilities, noting his field awareness, accuracy, timing with receivers, and calm demeanor on the field. Despite being drafted last overall in 2023 from Iowa State, Purdy has proven himself as a talented quarterback with the ability to lead his team to success. In Super Bowl LVIII, Purdy had a solid performance, throwing for 255 yards and one touchdown with no interceptions.

Although the 49ers took the lead twice in the fourth quarter and once in overtime, they ultimately lost to the Chiefs. Mahomes led Kansas City to a game-winning touchdown in overtime, securing their third Super Bowl title in five seasons. However

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