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Helsinki Stock Exchange Opens Near Zero, SSAB Continues Decline

After a few hours of trading, the stock market’s general index was up 0.1% at 9738.37 points. The most traded stock of the morning was Nordea Bank, whose share price rose by 1.4% to EUR 10.76 euros. Among the top twelve most traded stocks, about half were up and half were down.

A mining company, Sotkamo Silver, saw its share price rise by 2.3% to EUR 0.10 euros in the morning, while Glaston, a technology supplier for the glass processing industry, also had a strong day with its share increasing by 3.5% to EUR 0.88 euros. Inderes raised Glaston’s target price to EUR 1.00 from EUR 0.95 and reaffirmed its buy recommendation for the stock.

At the top of the list was SSAB Steel Company, whose B-share fell by 1.7% to EUR 6.30 euros after announcing a major investment in Lulea, Sweden that was expected to also happen in Finland in Raahe.

IT service company Vincit made some changes to its management team to better align business responsibilities with different geographical areas and customer markets. The company’s share closed at EUR 2

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