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Colbert urges Netanyahu to consider ending the war following World Central Kitchen deaths

In the aftermath of the tragic deaths of six World Central Kitchen workers and a translator, Stephen Colbert is calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to put an end to the conflict with Hamas in Gaza. On “The Late Show,” Colbert made an emotional plea for peace and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians, highlighting the devastating impact of the war on people’s basic necessities like food and water.

Colbert acknowledged that finding a resolution to the conflict is complex, but emphasized that everyone has a fundamental right to access these basic needs. He expressed his concern over passionate disagreements regarding how to achieve lasting peace in the region.

Netanyahu accepted responsibility for the fatal attack on aid workers and pledged to investigate it thoroughly. However, Colbert challenged Netanyahu’s stance, stating that such events are not random occurrences in war and called for an immediate end to violence.

As a supporter of World Central Kitchen, founded by chef José Andrés to provide food aid in crisis situations, Colbert made an appeal for donations to support their efforts. He stressed the importance of prioritizing people’s well-being amidst ongoing conflict, urging viewers to take action and help feed those in need.

In conclusion, Colbert’s message resonated with viewers as he emphasized the humanitarian aspect of the conflict and urged immediate action to alleviate suffering and ensure that people are not deprived of basic necessities like food.

By Samantha Jones

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