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Breaking News: All City Sports Fields Closed Today, 4/3/2021

All City leased fields, including those located on City school property, are off-limits during specified time frames. This includes any permitted leagues that may be using the fields. Failure to adhere to these closures may result in fines or loss of access for the season. Unpermitted users will receive a warning or citation if caught on a closed field.

To stay informed about field closures, residents can sign up for email or text alerts by visiting the City’s website at and selecting “View All” under press releases on the main page. They can then click on “Notify Me,” add their email address, choose which groups they would like to receive messages from, and specify if they prefer email only or email and phone notifications. Notifications about field closures are also posted on the public information line at 301-600-6970 option 3. Closures are announced by 2 pm on weekdays and 8 am on weekends.

By Samantha Jones

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