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MOXI Excites Kids on School Break with Science and Innovation

Spring break has arrived, and some school kids are taking advantage of the opportunity to explore science and innovation at the MOXI (The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation) in Santa Barbara. With various spring break schedules in effect and March being a busy month, the museum has been packed with activities.

Located next to the Santa Barbara train station, it’s recommended that visitors make a ticket reservation in advance for a visit. Kristin Denton, the Associate Director of Education at MOXI, shared that there are currently 16 kids in a spring break camp where they are learning about music, creating a band, and other related topics. The summer camps are already filling up quickly, indicating high levels of interest from the community.

Inside MOXI, kids were actively engaged in activities such as racing hand-made cars, creating Lego designs on a giant board, and measuring their jumps using a video image. A special exhibit called Shadow Box, which includes lights and images, was particularly captivating and will be on display at the museum through May 31st. Visitors can expect more details, photos, and video content related to this event to be added later today.

By Samantha Jones

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