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Sony’s Airpeak and Inertial Labs Collaborate to Integrate Advanced LiDAR Technology

In a major advancement in drone technology, Inertial Labs has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Sony to develop a cutting-edge LiDAR system specifically for Sony’s Airpeak drone. This exciting partnership is set to transform drone capabilities in a variety of applications, including surveying, mapping, and cinematic videography.

Tailored for professionals, the advanced LiDAR system integrated into Sony’s Airpeak drone will enhance workflow efficiency and data accuracy, particularly in sectors like construction, agriculture, and filmmaking. This collaboration represents a commitment to innovation and providing customers with state-of-the-art technology.

Kento Sayama, Deputy Vice President of Imaging Solutions at Sony Electronics, commented on the partnership, stating, “This collaboration aligns with our dedication to innovation and offering customers cutting-edge technology.” Inertial Labs CEO Jamie Marraccini added, “Working with a technological leader like Sony enables us to push the boundaries of drone applications and advance the industry.”

The new LiDAR system, utilizing Inertial Labs’ expertise in sensor technology

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