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Southern Nevada Health District website breached due to malicious code

A recent data breach occurred on the website of the Southern Nevada Health District, affecting approximately 300 clients. The breach took place between March 4 and March 14, when a malicious code was placed on the Environmental Health Invoice Payment form, redirecting clients to a fraudulent payment form that mimicked a credit card payment page.

The Health District immediately removed the form and notified law enforcement and cybersecurity experts to investigate and secure the site. They are taking proactive measures to address the data breach and ensure the security of their clients and patients.

The district emphasized the importance of client and patient security, stating that they are working with law enforcement and security advisors to prevent future incidents. Individuals affected by the breach will receive a letter from SNHD offering assistance with potential identity theft and resolution services. As of now, there have been no reports of credit misuse as a result of the breach.

SNHD is committed to working with authorities and experts to prevent similar incidents in the future and provide support to those impacted by the breach. They are taking steps to improve their website security measures and ensuring that their clients’ personal information is protected at all times.

By Samantha Jones

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