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The railway group SNCF has proposed a salary increase of 4.6% on average for the year 2024, which includes a 1.8% general increase and a commitment to increase low wages so that none of them are below the minimum wage of 1.1 euros, as well as a value-sharing bonus of 400 euros to be paid to the group’s more than 140,000 railway workers.

The two reformist unions, CFDT-Cheminots and Unsa-Ferroviaire, have announced their intention to sign the proposed agreement. CFDT-Cheminots made this decision after consulting its members and management structures, while Unsa-Ferroviaire stated that it would also sign the agreement. These unions represent approximately 42.67% of the votes against 57.33% for CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail, who are opposed to the agreement.

SUD-Rail has announced its intention to build a powerful mobilization on the issue of wages, calling on SNCF management to reopen negotiations due to what they consider weak proposals from the company. Similarly, CGT-Cheminots described SNCF management’s proposals as indecent and contemptuous in view of the accumulated salary dispute between union leaders and management officials at SNCF.

The unions have until November 22th evening to sign or reject the agreement proposed by SNCF management on salaries for 2024. If there is no majority vote in favor of signing or rejecting it, SNCF may not apply all aspects of the agreement in full.

Last year only CFDT-Cheminots signed an agreement regarding salaries for 2023 but despite not having a majority vote from all unions involved, SNCF applied all planned measures related to wage increases.

It remains to be seen if other unions will follow suit or continue with their opposition to this proposed agreement by SNCF management on salaries for railway workers in France.

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