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The advantages of avoiding cellphone use while walking

The smartphone has become an indispensable part of our daily routine. People are glued to their phones while walking down the street, which not only increases the risk of accidents but also affects their posture, attention, and gait. When observing someone using their phone while walking, it’s evident that the bent arm and tilted head disrupt natural arm swings and spine alignment, leading to musculoskeletal issues like shoulder pain.

The forward position of the head while looking at the screen strains neck and upper back muscles, causing pain. Moreover, visual fatigue can occur due to constant staring at screens, affecting eyes’ ability to focus on different distances. Attention is diverted from surroundings when engrossed in phones, impacting coordination and control of locomotion. Studies show that using cellphones while walking alters walking patterns, reducing speed and increasing deviation while affecting overall balance and stability.

In addition to these physical effects, cognitive loads from mobile phone use can affect how we respond to environmental changes, increasing accident risks. Research links cellphone use during walking with increased fall and collision risks, diminishing exercise benefits. To avoid these issues, experts recommend practicing mindfulness and limiting cellphone use while walking to prevent accidents and musculoskeletal problems. Embracing ‘smombies,’ a term for smartphone zombies who are aware of their behavior while using phones while walking can help improve posture and overall well-being.

By Samantha Jones

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