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The small business scene in Jacksonville has experienced a surge of growth in 2023, with a variety of new shops and boutiques opening around the city. From independent bookstores to pre-owned clothing stores, there are plenty of unique businesses to explore and support. This holiday shopping season, Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to discover these new additions to the local business landscape.

Some standout small businesses that you should check out include Happy Medium Books Cafe and Literary Lounge, two new independent bookstores in Jacksonville. Femme Fire Books, which has been open for a year, is also celebrating its milestone of having a physical location.

If you’re looking for fashionable clothing or accessories, Purple Mangrove is a great option. This pre-owned and vintage clothing store also sells beverages and plants. Sunhoney is another modern boutique that recently opened a storefront at Jacksonville Beach. Planet Circle offers a range of plants, home decor, and unique gifts in the Riverside neighborhood while Greenhouse is a bar, coffeehouse, and shop combination that celebrated its first anniversary in Brooklyn.

With so many exciting new small businesses to explore and support, this holiday shopping season is the perfect time to discover what Jacksonville has to offer.

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