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Great Britain falls to Slovakia with 7-1 defeat in the Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship

In the first match of Division 1 Group B of the Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship in Latvia, Great Britain lost 7-1 to top seeds Slovakia. The game started with Slovakia taking an early lead after scoring two quick goals in Riga. However, Katie Marsden managed to pull GB back within a goal at the end of the opening period with a well-placed shot into the bottom corner.

Despite Marsden’s efforts, Slovakia continued to dominate the game by scoring four more goals in the middle period and another in the final minute, bringing the final score to 7-1. Ema Galisova was recognized as Slovakia’s leading scorer for her contribution of two goals to their impressive win.

Marsden was acknowledged as GB’s player of the game for her determined performance, while Slovakia’s goaltender, Andrea Risianova, received the award for her exceptional saves that helped secure their victory. With this loss, Britain now sits five points behind Slovakia and has one win, one defeat, and one overtime loss in their three matches so far.

However, GB is looking forward to facing Slovenia next on Friday April 5th followed by a final game against hosts Latvia on Saturday. The top team in group will earn promotion to Division 1 Group A adding even more pressure for Great Britain as they fight for a spot in the next round.

By Samantha Jones

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