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Nasa Introduces Quiet Supersonic Plane with Speed of Nearly 1,500 Kilometers per Hour

American company Lockheed Martin recently unveiled a new silent supersonic plane known as the X-59, developed in Palmdale, California. The X-59 is unique in that it flies faster than sound without producing a disruptive supersonic boom, making it suitable for flying over residential areas. This plane is over 30 meters long and designed to reach speeds of about 1,500 kilometers per hour at an altitude of just under 17 kilometers.

NASA’s hope is that the development of the X-59 may eventually lead to the reintroduction of commercial flights using supersonic planes. However, the X-59 itself is not intended to carry passengers and is being used as a prototype. The last supersonic planes used commercially were the French-British Concorde, which ceased operations in 2003. The Concorde was capable of flying at speeds of around 2,200 kilometers per hour at an altitude of about 15 kilometers.

The X-59’s development work may also have applications in the commercial sector, potentially leading to the creation of commercial ultrasonic machines. NASA believes that if this technology becomes widely available and affordable, it could revolutionize air travel and make it faster and more efficient than ever before.

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