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Candidates for the new Signa supervisory boards: Meet the contenders

Signa Prime and Signa Development shareholders are required to approve a planned trust restructuring and reappoint two supervisory bodies consisting of Wolfgang Hesoun, Michael Mitterdorfer, and Sebastian Schäfer. Extraordinary general meetings will be held in both companies to address these important matters.

The reorganization of the two supervisory boards is eagerly awaited, with Alfred Gusenbauer recommending the expansion of the board and the election of new members. Proposed candidates include real estate experts Christoph Schäffer and Michael Mitterdorfer, as well as entrepreneurs Karin Exner-Wöhrer and Claudia Badstammer.

Christoph Stadlhuber is to be replaced as the supervisory board chairman with immediate effect for both Signa Prime and Signa Development. Six new supervisors are expected to join the Signa Prime board, including Sebastian Schäfer. Signa Holding is the largest individual shareholder in Signa Prime.

There is keen interest in purchasing the shell of the planned Signa luxury department store Lamarr on Vienna’s Mariahilfer Straße, with 30 bidders reportedly interested. In the insolvency proceedings, claims worth 340 million euros were filed, but only 174 million euros have been recognized so far.

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