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Woman and child shoot in Texas church

In Houston, Texas, USA at around 1:45pm local time, a woman entered Lakewood Church with a rifle and allegedly threatened those present by claiming she had a bomb. The police reported that the woman was wearing a coat and a backpack at the time of the attack.

The incident happened during the break between services, just as a Spanish service was about to start, according to Joel Osteen, co-founder of Lakewood Church. During this time, the woman also entered the church with a young boy who was shot and seriously injured. Additionally, a 57-year-old man was also injured in the incident.

It is important to note that no explosives were found on the woman during her arrest. The police officers who responded to the scene were off-duty at the time of the attack. It is not clear what motivated this violent act or what specific details led to it occurring at this particular location or during this particular timeframe.

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