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Cameroon Football Association Surprised by Sports Ministry’s Choice of New Team Coach

The Cameroon football federation was taken aback by the news that Marc Brys had been appointed as the new coach of the national team, replacing Rigobert Song. The federation immediately expressed its disappointment and astonishment at the decision, stating that it was made unilaterally and against the terms of Decree No. 2014/384 regarding the organization of national football teams.

Song’s contract had expired after the Africa Cup of Nations, but he led the team to the round of 16 in the tournament earlier this year. The federation was unaware of Brys’ appointment and is now working to investigate the situation further.

The federation is in contact with FIFA to address concerns about government involvement in national football, as it is prohibited under FIFA regulations. They are seeking clarity on why they were not consulted before Brys’ appointment and emphasizing the importance of following regulations governing national football teams.

By Samantha Jones

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