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Kuwait’s Emir calls for wide involvement in upcoming parliamentary elections

As the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, called for the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held next Thursday. In a televised address, Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad emphasized the importance of exercising one’s constitutional right to choose their representatives. He warned against boycotting the elections and stressed the responsibility of citizens to elect a council with enlightened thinkers.

The Emir urged candidates to speak in a way that pleases God and does not offend others. He highlighted the significance of choosing wisely for the future of the country and future generations, encouraging voters to prioritize national interests over personal agendas.

Sheikh Meshaal also addressed concerns about Kuwaiti nationality, emphasizing the need to preserve its identity and support efforts to combat forgery. He called for unity in protecting Kuwait and its people, warning against division and strife.

As preparations for the elections progressed, officials allocated facilities and resources to accommodate voters and ensure a fair election outcome. Schools will serve as polling centers during voting hours. The electoral silence period is set to begin soon, ensuring a smooth and transparent voting process.

In conclusion, Sheikh Meshaal’s message serves as a call for civic engagement and informed decision-making in the upcoming parliamentary elections. By participating in this process, Kuwaitis have an opportunity to shape their country’s future and contribute to its development and prosperity.

By Samantha Jones

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