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The Croatian national football team emerged victorious in their match against the Armenian national football team with a score of 1-0, according to colleagues from the portal While the Croats were the better rival throughout the game, it was Armenia who had the best chance to score.

Zlatko Dalić’s team has won a place in the upcoming European Championship and will be competing in Germany. Additionally, by entering the third pot, there is also a possibility of playing against Serbia in the group stage of the tournament.

The Serbian national football team can also take on the Croats in this competition. According to Informer, they will face off against each other at an upcoming event. The Kurir added that Croatia struggled to secure their ticket for the Euros and that they had similar headlines on Telegraf following their victory over Serbia.

Ognjen Čančarević was named as the best individual player on the field during this match. He was a key member of Serbia’s defense and played exceptionally well throughout the game, displaying excellent goalkeeping skills and great respect for his opponents. This was not mentioned on B92 portal but other journalists praised his performance highly.

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