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The decision to declare Hrvoje Šnajder, the first secretary at the Croatian Embassy in Serbia, as persona non grata by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia has raised concerns among regional stakeholders. According to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, this move represents a step towards deteriorating mutual relations and destabilizing sensitive political and security situations in the region.

The expulsion of an accredited Croatian diplomat is seen as additional pressure on employees of the Croatian embassy in Belgrade during a pre-election period in Serbia. In response, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs reserves the right to respond to this move at a time and manner it chooses. They are disappointed that an anticipated escalation of relations by Serbia was realized with a drastic decision to expel diplomats.

The statement from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs expressed concern about the impact of this decision on stability in South-Eastern Europe. They urge all parties involved to work towards improving relations and avoiding any further actions that could destabilize the region.

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