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£5m in funding support allocated to dental technology aimed at preventing tooth decay

Calcivis, an Edinburgh-based dental technology company, has secured £5 million in funding to expand its operations and bring its flagship product to the US market. The funding was led by the Scottish National Investment Bank, which provided £4 million, along with an additional £1 million from IFS Maven Equity Finance managed by Maven Capital Partners.

Founded in 2012 by CEO Adam Christie and CTO Bruce Vernon, Calcivis uses a biologic diagnostic to detect tooth decay at an early stage, enabling preventative treatment before it becomes irreversible. The company plans to launch its product in the US first, followed by launches in the UK and other European markets.

Adam Christie emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay, highlighting the potential for Calcivis’ technology to revolutionize preventive oral healthcare. The World Health Organization reports that cavities impact over two billion people globally, underscoring the significance of innovative solutions like Calcivis.

Paul Callaghan, investment director at the Scottish National Investment Bank, praised Calcivis for its cutting-edge technology that enhances health and wellbeing. He expressed pride in supporting the company’s expansion into international markets, creating job opportunities in Scotland. The bank sees Calcivis’ technology as aligned with its innovation mission and anticipates significant health benefits for people in Scotland from the product’s launch in the UK.

By Samantha Jones

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