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Science North, a renowned science center located in Sudbury, Ontario, is bidding farewell to its resident beaver, Kash. Since his arrival in 2016 as a kit, Kash has been an integral part of the facility’s attractions for visitors. However, as he has grown older, increased social engagement with other animals, especially other beavers, is necessary for his well-being.

In response to this change in Kash’s life, Science North is working diligently to find him a new home. As a member of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums network, the organization has collaborated extensively with several facilities in the past to provide Kash with a suitable environment. While they cannot disclose the exact location of his new home at this time, Science North is confident that it will be an excellent fit for him.

With Kash’s departure imminent, Science North plans to utilize the current enclosure for smaller animals such as turtles and some fish species. The center’s senior scientist, Amy Henson, emphasizes that despite Kash’s departure from the facility, there will still be plenty of animals for visitors to discover and learn about. Visitors can expect to see many more creatures that offer unique insights into the natural world.

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