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Applications for Flood Relief Small Business Grants Now Open in San Diego

In the aftermath of the recent storms and flooding, San Diego has announced a grant program to assist small businesses and nonprofits. The Business Emergency Response & Resilience Grant will provide financial assistance to up to 100 eligible businesses and nonprofits, with each receiving up to $2,500 or $5,000 for those located in designated Promise Zone and Low-Moderate Income Census tract areas. Mayor Todd Gloria highlighted the importance of getting neighborhood businesses back up and running as part of the community’s recovery from the devastation caused by the storms.

The available funds can be used for eligible expenses such as supplies and labor for storm cleanup, repairs and equipment replacement not covered by insurance, employee wages, and insurance deductibles. The funding comes from a budget of $370,000 through San Diego’s Small Business Enhancement Program.

To receive funding, business owners must demonstrate that they were affected by the storm and have a current Business Tax Certificate on file with the city. Only businesses with 12 or fewer employees are eligible for the grant. The grants aim to ease the financial burden on businesses and nonprofits that were affected by the natural disaster.

Mayor Gloria urged business owners to start preparing their applications as soon as possible so that they can receive funds quickly. By getting these small businesses back up and running, San Diego is taking an important step towards recovering from this devastating natural disaster.

San Diego has been hit hard by recent storms and flooding. Many small businesses have been impacted by these events, leading to significant financial losses. To help alleviate this burden, the city has established a grant program that provides financial assistance to eligible small businesses and nonprofits affected by these events.

The available funds can be used for a variety of expenses related to storm cleanup, repairs, equipment replacement not covered by insurance, employee wages

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